CEED 2018 15 DAY Online classroom

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CEED 2018 15 DAY Online classroom ONLY 
TIME: 1 hr DAILY (To complete 15 hr intense program) 
Topic Covered: CEED PAPER-1 + CEED PAPER-02
New Batches commence : 1st/10th/21st day of every Month
DESIGN APTITUDE & Drawing Skills
Ability to express precisely one's thoughts on a given topic., Development of new product/ visual concepts and creative ideas based on analytical observation of problems from daily life situations. Choice of product concepts suitable for small and large scale production. Generation of solution in a given material and process such as sheet metal work wood fabrication, plastic moulding, wire fabrication, etc. or representations of visual concepts into visual symbols and form, aided with drawings and illustrations. Drawings based on your analysis.Visual Perception and Creative Ability Modules, SKETCHING, DRAWINGS etc. to judge Visual sensitivity and imagination.Imagination of objects, people and places from our immediate or distant environments.
Special Session for CEED 2018 paper solving with design environments
CEED 2018 05 Mocktests 
Special Session for Design Doubts, clarification and Paper solving skills.
* The e-module and success mantra will be activated after recieval of CEED 2018 Admit card copy at ICRES off by mail (at info@architectureaptitude.com )or post.The candidates should furnish Copy of any photo ID Proof at the time of enrolment.