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NID 2018 10 DAY ONLINE CLASSROOM + Instant Download  GDPD beginer pack
Location: All India & Abroad
Attend Anywhere from The Country ( A Computer + Internet connection + Headphone) required from student side 
Sessions: Morning/Afternoon/Evening
Duration: 01 Hour Learning + 30 min Task solving
Batch Date: 1st / 10th /20th day of every month
student can Register and Secure Their seat Anytime for Upcoming New Batches
Class discussion:The students are learning and interatcing in the live classes and can discuss their and other students works in class.
** After Completion of Class , student can download and View recording at Their system.
NID 2018 Coaching classes and Syllabus 
Visual Perception and Creative Ability Modules,
SKETCHING, DRAWINGS etc. to judge Visual sensitivity and imagination.
Ability to express precisely one's thoughts on a given topic.
Development of new product/ visual concepts and creative ideas based on analytical observation of problems from daily life situations. Choice of product concepts suitable for small and large scale production. Generation of solution in a given material and process such as sheet metal work wood fabrication, plastic moulding, wire fabrication, etc. or representations of visual concepts into visual symbols and form, aided with drawings and illustrations. Drawings based on your analysis.
Imagination of objects, people and places from our immediate or distant environments.
* Attend Live classes at Per Your comfort
* NID 2018 Mock Paper Solving
* Sample worksheets based on NID Previous Year Papers.
* Save Traveling Time
* Save Expenses
* View and Download Live Recording if student missed a Class. Recording are always benificial for Revision Purpose.
* View Other students work online in class, Interact with other students and teachers instantly, It will help to view the more designer's mind on a Given design problem for solution.
The students are guided over their portfolio preparation to express themselves at their best.
All Syllabus Covered in 05 Modules.
Module -1 : “learning to draw “
This Module helps the Candidate to learn sketching in the most simple manner.
Basics of sketching and drawing
Rendering the CORRECT way
The Real perspective for Memory drawing
How to draw various tasks and objects
Module 2:”The Design Guide”
This module develops the basics of designing to formulate a presentable output out of the concept.
Visual Elements of design.
Visual Principles of Design.
Visual Effects.
The term Design + Its Process
Fundamental Dimensions of Design.
10  Design Problems – level 1
Module  3:”The Design Bank”
This Module stresses upon development of concept.
DESIGN “ a thought process”
Design Aerobics
practice More – Level 2
DESIGN “For Age & Function”
Module  4:”The Colour Library”
Colour adds life to anything and thus can change meanings if used properly. This module makes you learn use of colours in the best manner.
Theory of colours
basic colour terms
Creating Colour schemes
colours and feelings, emotions & atmosphere
Module – 5: The TASK BOOKLET 
practice exercises:  exercising – stamps,object sketching,relating the vocablury etc
logo/symbol – designing + Sketching
Express E-Support:
The feedback and evaluation on all tasks is given uptil the exam i.e. NID 2018.
Students can scan and send their works at for express E-Support
*All  students have to submit their respective exam application form copies at the time of enrolment and admit card copies later.(as they arrive)
*All students can furnish Copy of any Photo ID proof at the time of registarion if the application form copy is unavailable and NID Admit Card Copy later
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