NID/NEED 2018(GDPD) 10 day Physical ClassRoom Coaching Bhopal

nid 2018 crash classes in bhopal
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NID/NEED 2018( GDPD) 10 day Physical ClassRoom Coaching Crash Course Bhopal with Instant Download Study material (Beginer's Pack) included
TIME: 1hr (Learning) + 30min (Task)
2018 BATCH STARTING DATES: Every 1st / 10th / 20th day of July/August/September and November 2018
Hostel Facility : Available
The Classroom  preparation aims at:
·         Sketching and Drawing Skills
·         Creativity skill Development and Lateral Thinking
·         Perception and visualisation skill enhancement
·         Variety in ways to think, Express and present.
·         Colouring sence and Colouring skills
·         Effects of colours in drawings
·         Previous year Paper discussion and solutions
·         Model papers and solutions
·         Guidance and Technicle support
·         Evaluation support and Students discussion
The students are expected to work on:
·         Paper and varied material manipulation
·         Activity Models with doodling exercises
·         3D Models and visualisation tools
·         Artwork Presentation
·         Sketching and Drawings
·         Timed Completion of task/Model/Paper work with specific materials and resources.
The students need this while classes:
·         Cutter, Scissor, Steel Scale
·         Pencil (H,HB,2B), eraser, sharpener
·         Fevicol tube with nozzle, Fevi bond OR quick fix
·         Sketch pens – thick and thin (all colours)
·         Sand paper
·         Grading scale
·         Geometry box with all tools
·         A4 size Drawing sheet (cartridge sheet)---50 sheets
·         Alpins and holding clips
·         Double sided tape – ½” and ¼”width---1 each
·         Color pencils 24 shades
·         Wax Crayons and ordinary blade
·         Colored papers (chart paper) ----4 different color chart papers
Module -1 : “learning to draw “
This Module helps the Candidate to learn sketching in the most simple manner.
Basics of sketching and drawing
Rendering the CORRECT way
The Real perspective for Memory drawing
How to draw various tasks and objects
Module 2:”The Design Guide”
This module develops the basics of designing to formulate a presentable output out of the concept.
Visual Elements of design.
Visual Principles of Design.
Visual Effects.
The term Design + Its Process
Fundamental Dimensions of Design.
10  Design Problems – level 1
Module  3:”The Design Bank”
This Module stresses upon development of concept.
DESIGN “ a thought process”
Design Aerobics
practice More – Level 2
DESIGN “For Age & Function”
Module  4:”The Colour Library”
Colour adds life to anything and thus can change meanings if used properly. This module makes you learn use of colours in the best manner.
Theory of colours
basic colour terms
Creating Colour schemes
colours and feelings, emotions & atmosphere
Module – 5: The TASK BOOKLET
practice exercises:  exercising – stamps,object sketching,relating the vocablury etc
logo/symbol – designing + Sketching
Express Support:
12 hour helpline Support by counsellors at 9302127874,9755940022     
All submissions to be sent at
*The students have to furnish any copy of photo ID proof after enrolment .
**The last online module is activated at the recieval of NID 2018 Admit card at 
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