CEED & NID 2018 Exam -COMBO COURSE Preparation Material + Online classes

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CEED & NID 2018 Exam -COMBO COURSE Preparation Material + Online classes:

09 Booklets + 05 CEED 2018 Mocktests + 10 Online Doubt session For CEED /NID(PG) 2018 
It Gives Highest Level of Preparation, tips and tricks & advance Practice of the Core Subject.
Enrollment Open for NID & CEED 2018 Preparation:( Dispatch will start within 24 hours )
-------------------------NID / CEED  2018 Combo Postal Kit Contents:---------------------------
     √  E-Support +  10 Online Classrooms Included
     √  5 Mock test Included
     √  The syllabus is covered (modules detailed below) in 9 Booklets
     √  Portfolio Sampler Included, after qualifying written stage.
-------------------------------SYLLABUS COVERED---------------------------------
    √ Visual Perception + Creative Ability Test to judge Visual sensitivity and imagination. 
    √ Written Communication
    √ Ability to express precisely one's thoughts on a given topic. 
    √ Ability to comprehend a given passage in English and summarize it 
Topics Covered for CEED / NID 2018 Entrance:
Elements of Design, Principles of design, Design Themes (new)
Choice of product concepts suitable for small and large scale production.
Visual concepts-Relativity-spatial awareness-spatial continuity(additional)
Development of new product/ & creative ideas based on analytical observation of  problems from daily life situations.
Generation of solution in a given material and process such as sheet metal work wood fabrication, plastic moulding,wire fabrication, etc. 
Logo Making/Symbol Analysis?Product Analysis(additional)
Imagination and Drawing Skills covering objects,birds,animals,furniture people and places from our immediate or distant environments.
Some Sample Sketching features,1- min Perspective  making
Some Design Concepts, Scale and proportions.
Human proportions (additional)
Aesthetics & Sensitivity, Colour Pschylogy + Applications
Scene Sketching (addtional)
Sketching + Shading (additional) 
Development of Surface (additional)
Representations of visual concepts into visual symbols and form, aided with drawings and illustrations. Drawings based on your analysis.
Advance Perspective Making (additonal)
Story Boards - work book (new)
Typography - work book (new)
Creative Writing Skills -work book (new)
General Knowledge Question Bank
Current year updates and Important facts.
Multiple Use with single objects (additional)
Sample papers and Previous Year Papers(additional)
Sketching with Design Aids (additional)
Colour shading skills (additional)
Design TOOL Kit (additional)
5 Mock Tests
10 Online classroom (A headphone + Internet Connection Required)
Evaluation By Tutors
scanned or photographed sheets + tasks to be sent at icr.eval@gmail.com
The last module will be activated online at recieval of CEED and NID Admit card copy at info@architectureaptitude.com 
The candidates should accomplish their any photo ID proof at the time of registration

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