NIFT 2018 B.Des ADVANCE Course (Short term)

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*08 Workbooks + 02 Online Mocktests + 05 Mocktest papers + solved NIFT Paper + 05 day Online Live Classroom FOR NIFT B.Design2018(CAT)
Highly recommended for More preparation in Less time. Ideally suitable with Maximum 25 to 30 days preparation Time with Well designed step by step tutorials/sample papers/Mocktest papers and Online Mocktests.
Contains more than 2500 solved & unsolved exercises, tasks, questions, basic drawing, advance drawing, sketching fundamentals, tips and techniques to improve your  perception, imagination, drawing, observation  & creative skills. Best and Result oriented course material for NIFT 2018 B.Design exam aspirants to Target  the NIFT 2018 entrance exams with Focused Preparation and Best study material so that student can achieve better ranking and seat in the Better Ranking institute .
NIFT 2018 CAT-Creative Ability Test (Correspondence course)
Module-01-Basics, foundation and Fundamentals of Drawing 
(This is very important Module for those students who are wanting to Improve their drawing skills in sketching. This book Prepare and help you for  improving sketching and drawing skills from scratch level.)It will include Basics of design, Design Development process  & Design Concept , how to design with concepts and presentation of concept/idea on paper.includes
Module-02 - Elements of Design: Point, Line, Shape, Form, Colour, Pattern, Texture,
                   Principles of Design : Balance, Rhythm, Proportion, Unity, Contrast 
Module-03-(Activated Online):Basics of Colour, Colour concept, Concept Theory and Colour application
Basics and Advance Technique of colors- color psychology and its application in Design and developement.
Colour sense and color Theory – Introduction of Colours, important Colours terminology, Colour Wheel, Warm Colours,
Cool Colours, Colour Schemes, Colour Psychology, Optical Illusions.
It aims at color composition enhancement and tackling colours faster.
It includes ready to work task sheets to be guided via feedback.
Module-04-:NIFT Question bank -NIFT 2018 (B.F.Design) - Test Series - 05 Mocktest Papers with answers
*** Highly Recommended for Real Mockups and Self Assesment and Evaluation Before appearing in NIFT 2018 B.Design Entrance
** Included Free 05 Days Online Live classes for NIFT B. Design 2018 Exam
WorkBook-01:Mocktest Paper-01 Including (CAT + GAT Part- NIFT B.Design 2018 Exam)
WorkBook-02:Mocktest Paper 02 Including (CAT + GAT Part- NIFT B.Design 2018 Exam)
WorkBook-03:Mocktest Paper-03 Including (CAT + GAT Part- NIFT B.Design 2018 Exam)
WorkBook-04:Mocktest Paper-04 Including (CAT + GAT Part- NIFT B.Design 2018 Exam)
WorkBook-05:Mocktest Paper-05 Including (CAT + GAT Part- NIFT B.Design 2018 Exam)
It also includes Module on Sketch Development Improvement and Booster pack for the students to develop their drawing and sketching skills with lots of assignments / Practise Exercises, types of pencil strokes, Drawing Types, shade and shadow techniques, shading techniques, Tools for shade and shadow, Musical Instruments, Household Objects, Vehicles, Human postures, Occupations.
Module-05:Perspectives, What are Perspectives, How to draw A Perspective, Birds Eye View Ants Eye View, Perspectives for Practice, Picture Compositions, Still Object Drawing, Mirror Image, Practical Tips 
NIFT 2018 GAT-General Ability Test (Correspondence course)
Module-06 - GAT-General Ability Module includes:
a)Analytical ability
b)English Comprehension
c)Communicative ability
d)Quantitaive ability
Module-07 - GAT-Book on General Knowledge and current affairs.
Module-08-(Activated Online) How to complete the paper within time limit and Theme conceptualisation
This module will provides steps and guidelines for improving your speed in entrance exam. Most of the students says questions are easy but face problem-completing all questions in 3 hours time limit. This module will help you by giving tips on improving your speed and completing the paper with in time limit.
Expertise support:
1. The paper based sketch tasks are to be sent at for evaluation and feedback support.
2. Full e-technical support, i.e. students can ask their queries via mail at
3. Module 03 and 08 are acivated online , after recieval of Admit card copy of NIFT 2018 at ICRES Office.